Points Competition Winners 2019

The season long points competition came to an end last weekend with Richard Bideau of Pendle Forest CC coming out on top with a maximum 960 points followed closely by Philip Jones of Transition RT with 959 points. Richard Bickley, Border City Wheelers is 3rd with 954 points. Charlotte Boothman, ABC Centreville won the Women’s competition with 888 points from her 8 rides.

The team winners are the RT trio of John Morgan, Dan Taylor and Paul Blackburn.

The Junior winner is Tristan Pilling, Team SB Hub with 783 points and the Juvenile champ is Aidan Lawrence, Green Jersey RT.

Other category winners:

M40: Andrew Whiteside, Bella in Sella 950 points
M50: Paul Fleming, Preston Wheelers 923 points
M60: Peter Leonard, Southport CC 817 points
M70: David Hargreaves, North Lancs RC 794 points

Speed BAR Champions 2019

Following the final counting events at the weekend, Philip Jones, Transition RT and Charlotte Boothman, ABC Centreville are the confirmed 2019 Speed BAR champions. The competition is based on your best 2 counting 10’s and 25’s throughout the season and after a fantastic 19:09 in the weekends Springfield Financial RT 10 on Levens, Phil improved his average speed to 30.438mph to beat Richard Bickley, Border City Wheelers who also improved at the weekend with 30.376mph.

The Team winners are Pendle Forest CC, the trio of Richard Bideau (who also won the M40 category), Paul Braithwaite and Andrew Dent averaged 28.732mph; followed by RT (John Morgan, Paul Blackburn and Paul Shallicker) averaging 27.988mph.

The Junior BAR champion is Tristan Pilling of Team SB Hub with a super 27.235mph average speed.

Other winners:

W40: Deborah Moss, Team Merlin 26.261mph
W50: Sue Cheetham, North Lancs RC 24.410mph
M50: Paul Fleming, Preston Wheelers 28.248mph
M60: Peter Leonard, Southport CC 26.715mph
M70+: David Hargreaves, North Lancs RC 25.963mph

NLTTA Speed BAR 2019 – excel

Distance BAR Champions 2019

Congratulations to Andrew Whiteside (Bella in Sella) who has won the NLTTA distance BAR championships with an impressive average speed of 26.347 mph over the classic distances of 50, 100 & 12 hour. 2nd place was a hard fought battle between Dan Shackleton (ABC Centreville), Paul Blackburn ( RT) and Aidan Holgate (North Lancs RC) with Dan recording 24.759 mph, Paul 24.259 mph and Aidan 24.126 mph. In the recent 12 hour event they were split by a few miles with Dan recording 258.68 miles, Aidan 258.09 miles and Paul 255.03 miles; Andrew Whiteside was our fastest rider who claimed 2nd place overall in the event with 281.08 miles in challenging conditions. Paul Russell (Springfield Financial RT) was our final qualifier with 22.993 mph

Notice of 2019 Annual General Meeting

The NLTTA AGM will take place at 6:15pm on Wednesday, 25 September 2019 in Winmarleigh Village Hall, Winmarleigh, Garstang, PR3 0LA.

 The AGM will be followed by the CTT North District AGM at 7:00pm.

 If your Club have any agenda items for the AGM please could you get them to me by Wednesday, 4 September at

 The NLTTA Awards Lunch will take place on Sunday, 17 November 2019 at the Crofters Hotel, Garstang, PR3 1PH.  For tickets please could you contact David Bisset on 01204 853127 or at

 If you are no longer the NLTTA contact person for your club please could you forward this notice to the relevant person and copy me in.

Many thanks,

 Veronica Swift
NLTTA Secretary

Association Champions 2019

A stellar year of time trials in the North Lancs and Lakes area has seen a fantastic 27 riders qualify in the Association BAR Championships for the best average speed over 25, 50 and 100 miles.

Erica Booth (Lancashire RC) is the Ladies champion with a fantastic average speed of 24.860mph from Debbie Moss of Team Merlin with 24.473mph and Joanna Cebrat (Bury Clarion CC) in 3rd.

The men’s champion is Richard Bideau of Pendle Forest CC with a tremendous average speed of 29.083mph for the 3 distances from Andrew Whiteside (Bella in Sella) in second place with 28.414mph and Richard Bickley (Border City Wheelers) in 3rd with 28.387mph.

The Springfield Financial RT trio of Derek Parkinson, Matt Stell and Paul Russell are the team champions with an average 26.360mph.

The category winners are:

  • M40 Craig Horseman (Beacon Wheelers)
  • M50 Paul Fleming (Preston Wheelers)
  • M60 Kenneth Addison (Southport CC)

We would also like to wish fantastic good luck to our 5 riders who are going for the long distance BAR competition and riding the WCTTA 12 Hour event this coming Sunday. The 5 riders are Andrew Whiteside, Dan Shackleton, Aidan Holgate, Paul Russell and Stuart Crawford.

George Nowland Memorial 100 TT Report – L10010 (Keswick)

Congratulations to our 2019 NLTTA 100 Mile Champions – Richard Bideau (Pendle Forest CC) and Debbie Moss (Team Merlin).


49-year old Richard took the top spot on the podium with a great time of 3:32:29 on a bright and occasionally breezy morning. Second place went to Andrew Whiteside (Bella in Sella) 7 minutes back in 3:39:36 and third, Craig Horseman (Beacon Wheelers) another couple of minutes down in 3:41:50.

Debbie’s winning time of 4:15:46 was 16 minutes quicker than second placed lady, Joanna Cebrat (Bury Clarion CC) 4:31:55.

Debbie Moss (Team Merlin)

The 2019 Team Champions are Springfield Financial RT. Derek Parkinson 3:47:14, Matt Stell 4:00:47 and Paul Russell 4:04:08 recorded a team time of 11:52:09.

A huge thank you to Nigel Clementson for promoting the NLTTA & VTTA Championships and special thanks to the Nowland family, Val, Sue and Janet for presenting the prizes in this the George Nowland Memorial 100.

NLTTA 10 Championship promoted by Beacon Wheelers (L108-Tebay)

Congratulations to Phil Jones, Transition RT, and Charlotte Boothman, ABC Centreville, our 2019 NLTTA 10 champions.

Phil’s impressive time 19.38 was the only ride under 20 minutes on the day and 53 seconds quicker than 2nd placed rider Craig Horseman, Beacon Wheelers (20:31). The third podium spot went to Team ASL-Bolton rider, Graham Balshaw, with 21.35.

Charlotte’s great form continues with a brilliant winning time of 22:20. Deborah Moss, Team Merlin, took silver with 23.05. 45 seconds behind, Lindsey Styler, Croston Velo, was a close third with 23.08.

David Bigio led Croston Velo to the NLTTA 10 Team Championship, along with Lindsey Styler and Dan Styler.

Speed BAR 2019 provisional standings with 5 events remaining

The NLTTA Speed BAR (2 x 10’s + 2 x 25’s) is nearing its conclusion with 5 events remaining.

Current standings are:

Philip Jones (Transition RT) 30.245mph
Richard Bideau (Pendle Forest CC) 30.045mph
Richard Bickley (Border City Wheelers) 29.952mph
Andrew Whiteside (Bella in Sella) 29.629mph
Derek Parkinson (Springfield Financial RT) 29.346mph

Charlotte Boothman (ABC Centreville) leads the Women’s competition with an impressive 27.061mph average from Erica Booth (Lancashire RC) with an equally impressive 26.324mph.

The team prize is led by Pendle Forest CC with 28.732mph from RT with 27.979mph.

Photo from Riding For Love, Giant Blackpool

NLTTA Speed BAR 2019

NLTTA Championship 50 Report

Erica Booth
NLTTA Championship 50
Congratulations to our 2019 NLTTA 50 mile champions Erica Booth, Lancashire RC, and Richard Bideau, Pendle Forest CC.
Erica recorded a superb 1:59:36 to win the ladies title, by over 10 minutes, from Joanna Cebrat, Bury Clarion (2:09:42) and Sue Cheetham, North Lancs RC (2:10:20).
Richard’s impressive 1:43:05 took the top spot on the podium. Richard Bickley, Border City Whs was second with 1:44:27 and Ben Stead, ABC Centreville, took the final podium place in 1:46:55.
The team prize went to Richard Bickley, Emil Petrov and Adrian Sowerby and Border City Wheelers recorded a combined time of 5:34:37 to take the NLTTA 50 team title.
Thanks to our Chairman, Richard Taylor, for hosting the event with his VTTA hat on.
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