Contact Us

Frank Kerry

Honorary Chairman
Matt Stell

Honorary Secretary
Debbie Moss

Honorary Treasurer
John Ward, 6 Hill View Road, Garstang, Lancashire, PR3 1JU

Simon Myerscough

Events Organisor
Derek Parkinson

Other Committee Members
Paul Fleming, David Bissett, Nigel Clementson, Hope Kerry, Mike O’Shea, Neil Pilkington

9 thoughts on “Contact Us”

  1. Hello this is no doubt a daft question and I feel I should know I have printed off the events list and would like to try and do a few how do I know if they are EOL or non EOL if the latter who do I send my applications and money to thanks Jon

  2. Its a good few years since I entered the SPOCO series and I’m considering having a go again. I can’t find any details about it apart from the list of events. Am I correct in thinking its still the best 8 events that count, and its based on points – 120 for first, 119 for second etc? I’m organising the Lancaster CC SPOCO on 15 March, so I ought to know!

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