Contact Us

Frank Kerry

Honorary Chairman
Matt Stell

Honorary Secretary
Veronica Swift

Honorary Treasurer
John Ward, 6 Hill View Road, Garstang, Lancashire, PR3 1JU

Simon Myerscough

Events Organisor
Derek Parkinson

Other Committee Members
Paul Fleming, David Bissett, Phil Jones, Nigel Clementson, Hope Kerry, Debbie Moss, Mike O’Shea, Neil Pilkington

9 thoughts on “Contact Us”

  1. Hello this is no doubt a daft question and I feel I should know I have printed off the events list and would like to try and do a few how do I know if they are EOL or non EOL if the latter who do I send my applications and money to thanks Jon

    • Hi Jon, our handbook with full event details will be uploaded to the site in a few days. All events you have to enter in advance as per CTT regulations. For some events you can enter online at

  2. Its a good few years since I entered the SPOCO series and I’m considering having a go again. I can’t find any details about it apart from the list of events. Am I correct in thinking its still the best 8 events that count, and its based on points – 120 for first, 119 for second etc? I’m organising the Lancaster CC SPOCO on 15 March, so I ought to know!

  3. I see some events are listed as NLTTA SPOCO and others as Lakes & Lancs SPOCO. Am I correct in thinking it’s all the same series?

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