Speed BAR Champions 2019

Speed BAR Champions 2019

Following the final counting events at the weekend, Philip Jones, Transition RT and Charlotte Boothman, ABC Centreville are the confirmed 2019 Speed BAR champions. The competition is based on your best 2 counting 10’s and 25’s throughout the season and after a fantastic 19:09 in the weekends Springfield Financial RT 10 on Levens, Phil improved his average speed to 30.438mph to beat Richard Bickley, Border City Wheelers who also improved at the weekend with 30.376mph.

The Team winners are Pendle Forest CC, the trio of Richard Bideau (who also won the M40 category), Paul Braithwaite and Andrew Dent averaged 28.732mph; followed by Coveryourcar.co.uk RT (John Morgan, Paul Blackburn and Paul Shallicker) averaging 27.988mph.

The Junior BAR champion is Tristan Pilling of Team SB Hub with a super 27.235mph average speed.

Other winners:

W40: Deborah Moss, Team Merlin 26.261mph
W50: Sue Cheetham, North Lancs RC 24.410mph
M50: Paul Fleming, Preston Wheelers 28.248mph
M60: Peter Leonard, Southport CC 26.715mph
M70+: David Hargreaves, North Lancs RC 25.963mph

NLTTA Speed BAR 2019 – excel

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