Combined Clubs 10m TT – 10 March 2018

North Lancashire Time Trial Association Combined Clubs Season Opener

Consent form required for under 18’s – PLEASE BRING ON THE DAY IF NOT SUBMITTED PREVIOUSLY

The Time: 2pm Saturday 10th March 2018
The Place: L1017 course Winmarleigh/Cockerham
Entry fee =£5 seniors, £2 juniors (consent form required)
Entries via club secretaries. Entries close 2nd March.

Promoted for and on behalf of Cycling Time Trials under their rules and regulations on Saturday 10th March 2017 at 1401hrs

Start timekeeper: TBC
Finish timekeeper: TBC
Course L1017
First Rider – 14:01hrs
Event Secretary – Derek Parkinson 07922 476185

Event Headquarters
Winmarleigh Village Hall, Church Lane, Winmarleigh, Preston PR3 0LA, please return your number to the HQ after the event where refreshments will be available.

Course Details L1017
START on b5272 road in line with round section concrete bollard at northern side of entrance to Glasson limited near Winmarleigh and about 2.5 miles North West of Garstang and 2.5 miles south of Cockerham parish hall. Proceed north along the b5272 to junction with a588 at Cockerham (2.75 miles) where bear left along a588 to Stakepool (7.52 miles), to bear left opposite the Elletson Arms (9.08 miles). Continue to Cogie hill farm (9.55 miles) where left to finish at the last telegraph pole before Gibstick Cottage west on Island Lane (10 MILES).

Course record:  To be set on the day

Prizes (one prize per rider except team)

Prizes will be presented on the day post-race only. Unclaimed prizes will be donated to the next NLTTA event prize fund. Please ensure your correct age/category is marked on the signing on sheet to determine prizes.

Fastest male = £15, 2nd = £10, 3rd = £5
Fastest Lady = £15, 2nd = £10, 3rd = £5
Fastest first time male = £5
Fastest first time female = £5
Fastest team of FIVE = £5 each
2nd fastest team of FIVE = £5 each
Fastest 40-49 year old = £5
Fastest 50-59 year old = £5
Fastest 60-69 year old = £5
Fastest 70+ year old = £5
Fastest Junior = £5
Fastest Juvenile = £5
Fastest Tandem or Trike = £10, 2nd = £5

2 thoughts on “Combined Clubs 10m TT – 10 March 2018

  1. sharon clifford

    hasn’t this course been used before, therefore should already have a course record? No prizes for Vet Ladies, very few Vet ladies can compete on equal terms with the corresponding same aged men…


    1. simonmyerscough Post author

      I’ll have a look at the previous results later but I think the ladies prize has usually been won by a veteran female over the years. Over the last number of years in NLTTA event veteran riders like Steve Irwin and Theresa Taylor are in the top 3 male/female placings.

      I hadn’t updated the course record with the current time on the sheet… but the line could have been written as a challenge 😁

      We will look into adding additional female prizes (for future events) with regard to spreading the entry fees in proportion to the entrant group. There are currently 4 specific female prizes on offer as well as potential tandem and team.

      We do welcome feedback from all members in making the events more attractive.




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