From Claire and Nigel:Congratulations to Richard Bideau, David Allonby, Steph Mottram on breaking the 100TT course records today!!!

Hard luck to Gavin Hinxman’s attempt in breaking the trike 100TT record today. He sadly punctured.

Thankfully the weather held up, although on a better day the course record could be even quicker.

A massive Thankyou to everybody who made today possible. Without everybody’s contribution there wouldn’t be an event.

Hope to see you all again soon.

Happy cycling 


Ps: I believe Ellen Isherwood was our course photographer. I look forward to seeing your great photos. Many thanks Ellen.

Nigel Clementson Race organiser

Claire Clementson Co-Pilot with diesel engine ;))

Richard Taylor (Timekeeper)

Jamie Carson (Marshall)

Dave Bisset (Marshall)

Tony (I hope I’ve got the name right) (Marshall)

Angus (Marshall) 

Amanda Ashbury (Marshall)

Tracy & Brian Moore (Marshalls)

Neil & Pat (Marshalls)

John Woods (Marshall)

Phil Bradshaw pusher offer/drinks table/kitchen helper/ all round dogs body

Veronica Swift Kitchen staff AKA Mother in law (outlaw!)

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