2017 NLTTA Points Series

1 Saturday 04-Mar Border City Wheelers CC L259-Calthwaite 25m 14:00
2 Saturday 11-Mar Pendle Forest CC L271-Circuit of Ingleborough Hilly 27m 10:00
3 Saturday 15-Apr North Lancs RC L101-Garstang 10m 08:00
4 Saturday 22-Apr Wigan Wheelers CC L101-Garstang 10m 07:30
5 Sunday 23-Apr Wigan Wheelers CC L304-Garstang 30m 08:30
6 Saturday 29-Apr Nelson Wheelers CC L?-Cockermouth (Embleton Bank) 10m 14:00
7 Monday 01-May Kent Valley RC L817-Shap Hill Climb 9.1m 12:00
8 Saturday 06-May Cleveleys RC L1015-Levens 10m 18:00
9 Saturday 13-May West Pennine RC L109-Clitheroe 10m 18:00
10 Sunday 20-Aug VTTA L505R-Keswick 50m 07:00
11 Saturday 27-May Chorley CC L101-Garstang 10m 18:00
12 Saturday 03-Jun Nelson Wheelers CC L109-Clitheroe 10m 18:00
13 Sunday 04-Jun Preston Wheelers CC L2521A-Garstang 25m 09:00
14 Sunday 11-Jun Border City Wheelers CC Cancelled 50m 09:00
15 Wednesday 14-Jun West Pennine RC/VTTA L256-Clitheroe 25m 19:00
16 Sunday 18-Jun Kent Valley RC L2524-Levens 25m 07:00
17 Saturday 24-Jun Springfield Financial L101-Garstang 10m 18:00
18 Monday 28-Aug NLTTA L10010-Keswick 100m 07:00
19 Saturday 05-Aug  VC Cumbria L2511-Cockermouth 25m 14:00
20 Saturday 15-Jul Border City Wheelers CC L1021 10m 14:00
21 Sunday 16-Jul Border City Wheelers CC L259 25m 09:00
22 Sunday 23-Jul Lancashire RC L2521A-Garstang 25m 07:00
23 Sunday 13-Aug Lancaster CC Cancelled 25m 07:30
24 Sunday 20-Aug WCTTA D12/1-Prees 12H 06:00
25 Sunday 27-Aug Wigan Wheelers CC L2521A-Garstang 25m 08:00
26 Sunday 17-Sep Springfield Financial L1015-Levens 10m 07:30

Prize List £750 – One Rider One Prize, Except for Team

Male 1st £100, 2nd £75, 3rd £50
Female 1st £100
Team of 3 £150
Schoolboy £25, Schoolgirl £25, U18 £25
V40 £50, V50, £50, V60 £50, V70 £50


  1. The competition is open to any rider whose club is affiliated to the NLTTA at a cost of £15 per club. Any club can affiliate. Individual riders do not have to make any claims for points since they are awarded automatically following club affiliation.
  2. Competitors are only eligible for points in events following club affiliation.
  3. The competition is run on a points basis. For each event 120 points are awarded for first place, decreasing by 1 point for each subsequent place.
  4. Riders who are not in NLTTA affiliated clubs will be disregarded in the points allocation. Only competitors appearing on the result sheet will be awarded points.
  5. There are 26 qualifying events. Riders can enter as many events as they wish.
  6. The general competition is determined by each rider’s best 8 results.
  7. Ties for all prize categories in the final league table will be resolved by counting the number of 1st places. If still equal, 2nd places will be counted, then 3rds etc.
  8. The club prize will be determined by the combined total of the top 3 riders’ points total from each club from any of the general competitions.
  9. A detailed league table will be posted on the website at regular intervals to enable teams and individuals to monitor their progress.